In the Floridian summer of 2017, brothers Andrew Paul Davis & Timothy Mark Davis acted together in Sam Shepard's True West. This experience cemented a partnership as artistic & professional collaborators, expanding on previous foundations of brotherhood & tomfoolery. And there was a quote in the play:

"One county's as good as another."

The play closed. Andrew returned to Indiana to finish his degree while Tim continued growing Fort Lauderdale-based theatre company, New City Players. Andrew had made 20 short films since 2011, and the time had come to make the jump to feature-length. He drafted Palace during the throes of True West, and planned for a March 2018 shoot. The crowdfunding, production, & post-production were ultimately successful, but there sat a need to incorporate and take on future projects with higher levels of process. In one of their late-night parking lot chats, Tim said, "I wanna start a film company with my brother." And so they did.

Palace premiered at the 2018 Heartland International Film Festival, and Andrew is currently drafting his second feature, Pompano Boy, which will be produced by Tim. Production will take place December 2019 in South Florida.


All places matter because all people matter. Before Palace, no one had ever bothered to shoot a narrative feature film in Grant County, Indiana. Everyone deserves to see their backyard on the big screen, and there's no reason they shouldn't get to. The technology is democratized and the creatives are hungry.

We itch to film all over the United States and contribute to the restless tradition of America cinema. Will you join us?